Two By Two – Nicholas Sparks

Two By Two - Nicholas Sparks

Chances are you’ve read a book by Nicholas Sparks. If not, you’ve watched a movie based on his books. I’m talking Dear John, The Notebook, The Last Song… You know, the kinda stuff that rips your heart in two. Two By Two tore my heart into slithers.

Russell Green thought his life was perfect. He had a loving and beautiful wife, Vivian, a precious daughter named London and a family who he loved deeply. He had a job he was fantastic at and his clients loved his work. Everything in Russ’s life seemed to be going along as planned, until one day everything got turned upside down.


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Red Herring – Jonathan Cullinane

Red Herring Book Review How wonderful are Kiwi writers? We write the most fantastic stories. Red Herring is yet another one that has impressed me.

Set in 1951, Auckland, New Zealand. Johnny Molloy is a private detective. He is hired by a yank named Al Furst, to find Frank O’Flynn, a fraudster. Johnny starts asking around at the local pubs for anyone who has heard of a wharfie named O’Flynn. During his investigation, Johnny comes under radar of the wrong crowd. A crowd that is trying to protect O’Flynn for reasons Johnny just can’t understand.  (more…)

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