Saw some other bloggers doing this and thought I would join in on the fun!!

A -Age – 24.. eeek! That sounds so old. I won’t lie to you, the fact that I’ll be 25 next year freaks me out a little. 😛

B – Best holiday – Probably the trip up north I took with my family when I was 7. It started a tradition – we go there every year! And now we even own a section there. Eeeee! 😀

C – Chores you hate – Scrubbing the shower, the fumes from the cleaner always gives me a headache! I really need a natural alternative that actually works.

D – Dogs – 3! Saprana who is a boxer cross, and 2 Swedish Valhunds; Quileute and Chinook.

E – Essential Start to Your Day- Breakfast!! Dad always told me that it’s the most important meal of the day – I actually can’t survive without it.

F – Favourite colour – Purple and turquoise, but black is my favourite colour to wear!

G – Gold or silver – Silver. I feel like it just suits my skintone more. But I do have some gold jewellery that I adore. 😛

H – Height – I’m short as! Barely 5 ft 4. I’m the shortest in my family and I have to say I don’t like it! I’d love to be taller!!

I – Instruments you play – I kinda play the guitar.. or I used to atleast. I have an acoustic and an electric that both sit around being neglected. 🙁

J – Job title – Pharmacy Assistant. That sounds a bit flasher than “Shop girl” doesn’t it? Hahaha. I also do my freelancing on the side (when I have the time!). I love my job though, my co-workers are amazing and have all become good friends of mine.

K-Kids- One day! I have to find the right man first, hahaha.

L – Live – New Zealand! Lived here all my life, and don’t really intend to live anywhere else. I would however like to move out of Auckland – I’m really not a city girl at heart.

M – Mother’s name – Lisa. I love my Mummy! <3 N – Nickname – Diddle and Kittykai are the most popular ones, but I have many. O – Overnight hospital stays – Haven’t had any! I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance once for my allergies, but didn’t have to stay overnight. P – Pet Peeves – People who smell bad. Ugh. It seriously makes me want to throw up. 😛 Q – Quote from a film- “I’m gonna take a pillowcase, fill it full of bars of soap and beat the shit out of you!” Step Brothers. Seriously one of my favourite movies of all time. 😛 R – Right or left handed – Right handed. S – Siblings – Camille, my awesome sister! She’s my best bud and I love her muchly. T – Time you wake up – 6am-ish. U – Underwear – What kind of lady do you take me for? Hahaha. V – Vegetable you hate – Corn. Ew. W – What makes you run late – I’m one of those people who leaves everything until the last minute, so when it’s time to go, I’m still running around trying to find my watch/keys/bag etc. X – X-rays you’ve had – Arm, ankle, teeth, sinuses. The sinus scan thingy freaked me out so much. Didn’t really realise I got claustrophobic until then. Hahaha. Y – Yummy food you make – Cookies, muffins, cakes… I’m a better baker than I am cook. 😛 Z – Zoo animal – Tigers and turtles. And phoenixes. >_>

Well that was fun, I wanna know more about you guys too so.. TAG! You’re it!