Lena from Lena Talks Beauty is an amazing Auckland beauty blogger who loves everything beauty related – especially nail polish and lipstick!
We were lucky enough to meet Lena at a Makeup Obsessives event back in August and have been friends ever since!
To kick off our new series, Everyday FaceLena is taking over the blog and sharing the main beauty products she uses on an everyday basis.

Today I’m letting you into my life, with a post sharing my normal skincare and makeup morning routine.

It might be sacrilege to say this but I don’t usually wash my face in the morning. My skin tends towards dry, so I stick to washing it once at night so it doesn’t become too dry. At the most, if my skin feels slightly oily I’ll give it a swipe with my Simple Toner.

My first step is to apply my Paula’s Choice BHA lotion – this is made with salicylic acid and helps to control my acne. I eat breakfast and catch up on the internet while it’s working its magic – it needs to sit on the skin for at least 15 minutes. That’s why cleansers with salicylic acid aren’t very useful, because they’re washed off the skin before they have time to work. This lotion has reduced the frequency of my breakouts, yay!


Next up, I apply Dove SPF 15 Moisturiser. I don’t see much sun on work days, so I stick to this – if I’m going to be seeing the sun more than a couple of minutes between bus stop and office, I’ll wear a proper sunscreen. I usually brush my teeth or something while it’s sinking in. Then I apply lip balm – at the moment, I’ve been loving Weleda Everon Lip Balm*. I really like matte lipsticks, so I need a good non-gooey lip balm before.


My go-to base on a weekday is Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream in Light. It’s hydrating, has SPF 30 (not that I wear enough of it for it to be really get that much protection) and provides good coverage. It doesn’t quite cover allll my blemishes but it does a pretty good job of it. I even have a little sample pot of it in my handbag in case I can’t quite complete my routine before leaving the house.


I often swipe on a cream eyeshadow like the Maybelline Color Tattoos as they are so easy to apply. Lately I’ve been having my eyelashes tinted, but before that I would use a mascara like Maybelline The Falsies which is non-clumping. Ain’t nobody got time for lash combing when getting ready for work. I often leave my brows un-filled in (shocking, I know) because they’re quite thick and my glasses frames kind of obscure them. Then, always, lipstick. I’ve been really into matte lipsticks lately as they tend to last better during the umpteen coffees I consume during the day.

Here’s an example of my normal daily face, actually taken on a weekend because who can fit photoshoots into their morning? Not me!


I always wear perfume, and my current favourite is Kim Kardashian’s original fragrance.




Huge thank you to Lena for being a part of this new series. Make sure you head over to Lena Talks Beauty and check her out! oxo