ColourPopHaul I’m fairly certain that most of you have heard about ColourPop on blogs or Youtube, and to be honest hearing the rave reviews about them is what made me so eager to try them for myself.


So I hopped onto the ColourPop website and decided to try 8 of the Lippie Stix (as well as the Shaaanxo eyeshadows which will be coming up in a review soon!). The colours I have are Monkey, Button, Grind, Pony, Westie, Lumière, Cake and Frida. They all either Satin or Matte, apart from Monkey which is the Hyper Glossy formula.


Pigmentation-wise, these are awesome. The colours are intense, and they actually apply really smoothly – with the exception of Grind, which takes a bit of work to not look so patchy. All of these wear really well on the lips, with minimal touch ups required throughout the day. They also feel quite comfortable on, even the matte lippie stix don’t seem to dry my lips out -so impressed!


The real winning point with these though, is that they are only $5.00 USD each, and they ship to New Zealand. Oh how I wish more brands would take note of this! I also really love the packaging, and find that thinner lipsticks like these are much easier to apply.

Ideally you use these with their matching Lippie Pencils, and I have to be honest that I might actually go back and order a couple of these as I’m so curious about how well they’d perform with the Lippie Stix. And for $5 bucks, it’s kinda worth the risk, right?

MonkeyButton GrindPony westielumiere cakefrida

Have you ordered anything from ColourPop? What’s your favourite shade of lipstick?

Thanks for viewing!