DIY-terrarium It’s finally time for the first of our Countdown to Christmas DIYs, and for the first one we thought we’d share a very quick & easy Terrarium tutorial. We thought this would be a fantastic gift idea, particularly as terrariums are very popular at the moment!

We’re using air plants in this tutorial, but of course you can substitute those for succulents or cacti (just add some soil if you’re going down this road). Camille actually makes and sells terrariums, and we have an abundance of air plants around – so we’re going to be using tillandsias and spanish moss today.


Right, so you’ll need:

  • some kind of glass jar (we’re using this copper Geometric Candle Holder from Kmart for something a little bit different #kmarthack)
  • Tillandsia
  • Spanish moss
  • small rocks and stones


Grab your jar (luckily this candle holder has a glass insert that comes out easily), and layer some small rocks and stones in the bottom. Gently pop some spanish moss on top of the stones, and then place your tillandsia inside. And… that’s it! It really is that simple. 

To care for your terrarium, all you need to do is spray the plants with soft water once a week during Summer, and once a fortnight in Winter. Of course, if you used different plants then you’ll probably need to water them more often. 

Sourcing tillandsias and spanish moss can be a bit of a hassle, but most large plant stores should definitely stock them. King’s Plant Barn is usually a pretty good place to check out! Alternatively if you need this in a hurry, or can’t quite find exactly what you want – then flick us an email, as Camille makes and sells some pretty amazing ones.

Have you made a terrarium before? What’s your favourite plant?

Thanks for viewing! Make sure you check out the other posts in the Countdown to Christmas series.