Summer Ready Legs with Marzena This year feels like it’s gone past in the blink of an eye, and with some of the scorching hot days we’ve had here (thank you Winterless North!) we thought it was about time to get those legs looking Summer ready. Let’s be serious though, shaving your legs has to be one of the most tedious things to do, so we thought we’d try a couple of other methods and see how they stack up. 

Marzena are a New Zealand-based hair removal brand that have been around for years. In fact it was 27 years ago that they introduced at-home waxing products to the market. We were lucky enough to collaborate with them on this post, to review their latest products designed for sensitive skin: the Marzena Large Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin and the Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion.

Marzena Large Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin* – RRP: $14.95 NZD

Marzena Sensitive Large Wax Strips

If you’re after the easiest, most cost-effective method of waxing, then look no further than the Marzena Large Wax Strips. Each box contains 20 reusable wax strips, as well as 4 cleansing moisturising wipes. There’s also a full set of instructions that are certainly worth reading, especially if you’re going to wax something a little more sensitive than your legs.

Marzena Sensitive Large Wax Strips

At-home waxing can be scary, but with these Marzena Large Wax Strips it doesn’t need to be. You don’t have to heat the wax, hope it’s at the right temperature, then suffer almost third-degree burns testing it out. There’s none of that! All you have to do is warm the wax strips really well between your hands (atleast 5 – 10 seconds) until the wax is soft and pliable. You then seperate the strips, ensuring there’s an even layer of wax on both and then apply to the skin and rub in the direction of hair growth. Then while holding the skin taut, quickly zip the strip back in the opposite direction of hair growth, making sure you keep it as close to the skin as possible. Voila! You’re done!

You know we like to keep it real here, so we’ll be honest and say that it took us a few goes to really get the hang of waxing. The trick really is to make sure the wax is warm enough, and then go for gold. Once we got that right, it was easy and the silky smooth result we ended up with was well worth it. Would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting to try at-home waxing.

Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion* – RRP: $11.60 NZD

Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion

When I was 13-15 years old, I actually swore by hair removal lotions. They’re one of the easiest methods of hair removal around, but they’ve always had an incredibly strong chemical smell – which is why I eventually stopped using them. The new Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion has been developed with a tropical smell to help mask that odour, and it does a pretty good job. But it’s like fake tan, it still has that distinctive smell (which only really lasts until you wash it off!).

This is great for legs, arms, and even more delicate areas of the body such as the face, bikini line and underarms. Keep in mind that once you use this, you have to wait 24 hours before using anti-perspirant, deodorant or perfume. So maybe don’t use this on your underarms before a big date – unless you’re one of those lucky ones that doesn’t sweat a lot.

Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion

If you still can’t get past the fear of at-home waxing, then this is an awesome alternative for you as it is literally painless. To use all you do is apply the lotion to the skin, wait for 3 minutes and then gently remove some of the lotion to see if the hair wipes away easily. If it doesn’t, then leave it on for another 2-3 minutes and remove. Clean up thoroughly with water, and you’re done. It honestly couldn’t be any easier than that, and the results are amazing! Plus this formula actually has a regrowth inhibitor, so when used weekly you’ll notice a reduction in hair growth. What more could you want for Summer?

So would we use these instead of shaving? Definitely. They’re both so easy to use, and if you choose to use the waxing strips then you’re left with silky smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. If you use the hair removal lotion, then over time you’re going to notice a reduction of hair growth. That’s something you will never get with shaving. They both get a big thumbs up from us, and we’ll definitely be using these again.

Marzena Giveaway

Thanks to Marzena, we actually have an amazing hair removal gift pack worth $100 NZD to give away to one of our readers, which includes:

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The entire Marzena range is available at New World, Pak’n Save, leading pharmacies and online at (with free delivery in NZ). As with any hair removal product, a test patch should be done 24 hours before using these to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction. 

Have you tried at-home waxing or hair removal lotions before?

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*This post is sponsored by Marzena