Colourpop Persuede Me Lippie Stix Collection It’s been a while since I did my last Colourpop review, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the Colourpop Persuede Me Lippie Stix Collection. 

Colourpop Persuede Me Lippie Stix Collection
The Colourpop Persuede Me Lippie Stix Collection (RRP: $25.00 USD) is a set of 6 new shades in the Matte X formula. It was released as part of their Fall collection, and is stunning. The shades you get are: Ziggie, Daydream, Le Freak, Goldie, Hotline and Upside Down. As well as being available in this set, you can purchase all the shades individually for $5.00 USD. 

Colourpop Persuede Me Lippie Stix Collection

I’ve raved about the Matte X formula in the past, but it really is one of my favourite formulas that Colourpop does. They’re designed to give high pigment with one stroke, and glide onto the lips without tugging or pulling. They apply matte on application, so there is no waiting period for them to dry down to a matte finish like there is with some lipsticks; and they’re super comfortable on the lips. They’re just amazing to be honest. Any matte lip lovers need these in their collection.

Colourpop Ziggie Lippie Stix

The first shade in the Colourpop Persuede Me set is Ziggie. Ziggie is a beautiful dark terracotta colour that is quite unusual. It’s absolutely beautiful on, and while I haven’t really worn terracotta lipsticks much in the past, this is definitely one I want to start wearing more often!

Colourpop Daydream Lippie Stix

Next is Daydream, which is a beautiful plummy brown shade. It’s super flattering on and is probably one of my favourites in this set. It’s the kinda shade I seem to gravitate towards when I’m not wearing my usual nudes, and I love it.

Colourpop Le Freak Lippie Stix

Le Freak is described as a deepened red wine, and that’s a fairly accurate description. If you love a dark, bold lip then you will adore this. I personally found this harder to get a sharp line with, so it’s definitely one I would wear with a lip liner.

Colourpop Goldie Lippie Stix

Goldie, goldie, goldie. You knew there was going to be a red in this set, didn’t you? This rich brick red is really quite gorgeous. It’s much more muted on me than a lot of my other red lipsticks, but I actually love that about it. Definitely worth checking out!

Colourpop Hotline Lippie Stix

Hotline is a mid-tone dirty peach that I expected to love. While I do enjoy the shade, I feel like it shows up every little line in my lips. It still feels very comfortable on, but I think in future when I wear it I will make sure my lips are in top condition first.

Colourpop Upside Down Lippie Stix

Lastly we have Upside Down, a light nude peach. I have to be honest, I’m not really a fan of this on it’s own at all. It’s far too pale for my liking and I think makes me look a bit sickly. I do however absolutely LOVE pairing this with the other shades to create an ombre lip look. It looks especially awesome paired with Daydream. 

Colourpop Ombre Lip - Daydream & Upside Down
Ombre lip using Daydream & Upside Down

I just can’t get over how comfortable these are on the lips. I’m so used to matte lipsticks being a bit too drying, but these are perfect. Colourpop has nailed the formula on the Matte X lippie stix, that’s for sure.

Have you picked up the Colourpop Persuede Me Lippie Stix Collection? Will you be picking them up individually?

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