Bargain beauty buys from Postie+ Postie+ have always had a huge range of affordable beauty products, but are they any good? We’d been wanting to find out for awhile. When Postie+ contacted us and asked if we’d like to try some of their bargain beauty buys, we jumped at the chance.

Beauty Formulas

Beauty Formulas Micellar Cleansing Water

Beauty Formulas is a UK brand that make an extensive range of face, body and hair products. We were lucky enough to get a few products from their skincare range, and honestly – I’m quite impressed.

Micellar water is something I personally use every day, so I was quite excited to try the Beauty Formulas Micellar Cleansing Water* (RRP: $5.00 NZD). It’s fragrance free, and works well at removing makeup without the need to rinse. It’s just as good as any other micellar water I’ve used, so I would definitely recommend picking it up.

Beauty Formulas Charcoal Clay Mask

The range of masks is pretty exciting, and if you’re into clay masks I would pick up the Beauty Formulas Charcoal Clay Mask* (RRP: $5.00 NZD). It’s formulated with kaolin clay and activated charcoal, which deeply cleanse the skin whilst absorbing oil.

Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask

If you prefer sheet masks, you might want to reach for the Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask* (RRP: $3.00 NZD). This single-use mask contains marine collagen, ginkgo & mulberry designed to intensely hydrate the skin. It’s said to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but for me I mainly noticed that my skin felt a lot smoother.

Beauty Formulas Anti-wrinkle Eye Gel Patches

Even the delicate eye area is covered with the Beauty Formulas Anti-wrinkle Eye Gel Patches* (RRP: $5.00 NZD). These are designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without causing irritation. They feel lovely and refreshing on the eye, and while I haven’t noticed any big improvements I do think they definitely help to rehydrate the area.

Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Nose Strips

Despite the bad press that nose strips seem to get, I will always find them somewhat satisfying to use. The Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Nose Strips* (RRP: $4.00 NZD) are a great alternative to pricier ones, as they essentially do the same thing. Just apply to moistened nose, wait for 10-15 minutes and peel off. 

Beauty Formulas Foot Mask

I’ve found a new pamper night must-have – the Beauty Formulas Foot Mask* (RRP: $4.00 NZD). It’s a relaxing and healing mask formulated with shea butter, peppermint and other natural healing ingredients. They’re designed to smooth and soften the feet, and work really well!

W7 Cosmetics

W7 Colour Me Buff Eye Palette

W7 Cosmetics is a brand I’ve actually wanted to try for awhile, and I didn’t realise that Postie+ stocked them until we received these impressive goodies. Now that I’ve tried a few different products, I really want to try some more!

W7 Colour Me Buff Eyeshadow Palette The product I was most excited about is the W7 Colour Me Buff Eye Palette* (RRP: $15.00 NZD) and it honestly didn’t disappoint me at all. I’ve heard of these being compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes in the past, and I will admit that the shades do resemble the Naked palettes quite a lot.

W7 Colour Me Buff Eyeshadow Palette
W7 Colour Me Buff Eyeshadow Palette on the eyes

There are 12 gorgeous shades that are all nicely pigmented and blend effortlessly. Quality-wise, these don’t quite compare to Urban Decay – but they are some of the best affordable eyeshadows I’ve had the pleasure of using. Definitely worth checking out.

W7 The Nudes Eye Palette W7 The Nudes Eye Palette

I wish I could say all W7 eyeshadows were that impressive, but the W7 The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette* (RRP: $8.00 NZD) didn’t exactly “wow” me. The pigmentation isn’t the greatest, and while they are easy to blend – the colour payoff just lets them down. 

W7 Brow Bar W7 Brow Bar

The W7 Brow Bar* (RRP: $12.00 NZD) contains 4 powder brow shades, 3 stencils and the tools required to create a beautiful brow look. Shade 1 is a brow highlight, whereas shades 2, 3 and 4 can be used to fill in the brows. For me, the shades are just a bit too red-toned for my liking. If you have quite dark brows, I imagine this would be a lot more suited to you. 

W7 Shape Your Face W7 Shape Your Face Kit

Finding an affordable contour palette is near impossible, that is until I tried the W7 Shape Your Face Contour Kit* (RRP: $15.00 NZD) which consists of a cute little travel palette as well as a small contour brush. There are 3 shades in the palette: a taupe shade that is absolutely perfect for contouring, a bronzer to warm up the face and a matte highlight shade that helps make the features stand out. I’m really impressed by this, and would happily use this in place of my high end alternatives. Highly recommend!

W7 Tea Tree Concealer

The only product I didn’t really get to try was the W7 Tea Tree Concealer* (RRP: $6.00 NZD) which is in the shade Medium/Deep – a shade that is far too dark for my skin. It does feel creamy and like it would have good coverage though.

BYS Cosmetics

BYS Highlighter Trio

I remember using BYS cosmetics years ago, in fact I used to have some of their eyeliners in my freelance makeup kit! It’s been a long time since I tried anything from them, and can’t express just how excited I am about the BYS Highlighting Trio* (RRP: $10.00 NZD). There is 1 matte shade, and 2 shimmering highlight shades in the palette. 

BYS Highlighter Trio Swatches

The soft, pigmented shades are exceptionally easy to blend – and to be honest, they’re even better than some of the high end products I have in my collection. There’s a reason this appeared in my Top 5 Affordable Highlighters post!

BYS Lipsticks BYS Lipsticks

BYS Lipsticks
BYS Lipsticks – from L-R: Read My Lips & Vamp

The BYS Lipsticks* (RRP: $6.00 NZD) didn’t let me down either. Moisturising, yet packed full of rich colour, these apply like a dream. The 2 shades I have are Read My Lips and Vamp, and you’d never think that these were so affordable. 

Ulta3 Lipsticks

Ulta3 Lipsticks

I’ve reviewed the Ulta3 Lipsticks* (RRP: $6.00 NZD) in the past, and have always enjoyed them. They are incredibly creamy and moisturising, and usually have a rather sheer finish. However the 2 I got in this haul are actually more semi-opaque. The shades are 054 Soft Toffee, which is a peach-toned nude; and 023 Sugar Plum which is a pretty plum. 

Ulta3 Lipstick Swatches

Ulta3 Lipstick Swatches
Ulta3 Lipstick Swatches – L-R: Soft Toffee & Sugar Plum

Overall, I have to say that the majority of these products really surprised me – but then I’ve always enjoyed checking out the beauty aisles at Postie+. For me the stand out products are definitely the BYS Highlighting Trio and the W7 Shape Your Face Contour Kit – definitely head in store and check those out for yourself.

Have you picked up any beauty bargains from Postie+ before? Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Thanks for viewing!

*pr samples