The Baltimore Boys - Joël Dicker Have I ever told you about my favourite book of all time? No? Well, my favourite book of all time is The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair – Joël Dicker. Guess how excited I was when I heard that Joël Dicker had written another book?!

I made The Baltimore Boys last as long as I could, only reading a few chapters at a time. I needed to savour this book, savour Joël’s writing.

The Goldman Gang, is what Hillel, Woody and Marcus called themselves. Cousins so close, you would’ve sworn they were brothers. 

As you follow the Goldman Gang through their childhood and into adulthood, you come to realise that these three boys, all had something terrible in common – jealousy for each other. Woody was jealous of Hillel’s great intelligence. Hillel, jealous of Woody’s athletic body and potential to be a great NFL player one day. And Marcus was jealous of one thing only. He was jealous that he wasn’t a Baltimore Goldman. Marcus was a Montclair Goldman, a poor Goldman. Not rich, like his cousins Woody and Hillel.

Even though they hid their jealousy from each other, the Goldman Gang all fell in love with one girl. Her name was Alexandrea, and they all fought greatly to win her affections. When one of the boys wins her heart, they both agree never to tell the other two boys, knowing it would end the Goldman Gang forever.

The boys grow into men with great futures ahead. With Woody aiming for the NFL, Hillel a lawyer, and Marcus, a writer. Everything was indicating a great life for the Goldman Gang. Everything was set up perfectly, until something terrible tears the gang apart, and ends the great Goldman Gang forever.

Ok guys, I was NOT expecting what happened to happen. Once again, Joël took me on a wild ride with tears, laughter, more tears and then some more tears on top of that. Just like The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair, I was fully enthralled right from page one. The Baltimore Boys is such a great read!

Have you read anything from Joël Dicker? If not, I hope this review encourages you to!

Camille xx

*Thanks to Hachette for providing me with this book