Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Amethyst Linden Leaves have been creating gorgeous handmade luxury products for the last 22 years. Their latest offering: Linden Leaves Crystal Crush, has been inspired by the beauty of natural crystals and gemstones.

Some people believe that natural crystals and gemstones have healing properties, as well as offering spiritual guidance. The Crystal Crush range has been developed with fragrances designed to give you that same sense, and encourage a moment of clarity and happiness in your day.

There are two fragrances in the range: Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Today we are reviewing the Amethyst range, which in my opinion is the more intense scent of the two. With top notes of green fruit, layered over gardenia and white florals; and warm base notes of vanilla, musk and amber – it’s the perfect combination of decadence and luxury. It is one I definitely find myself gravitating towards.

Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Amethyst

Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Amethyst Soy Candle* – RRP: $39.99 NZD

Included in the range are 5 individual products, and we’re lucky enough to have 3 of them to review for you today. The first is the Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Amethyst Soy Candle, which is individually hand poured here in New Zealand. They use clean, environmentally friendly, natural soy wax. This ensures that it is clean burning, and long lasting. Infact, each candle is estimated to give 80 hours of scented burn time. Impressive huh?

I have to admit this came with me on a recent trip to Cable Bay in Mangonui, and it was amazing. A definite must have if you’re after a relaxing, but luxurious scent. If you prefer fragrance diffusers, there’s one of those too.

Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Amethyst Bath Bombs* – RRP: $14.99 NZD

We don’t have an indoor bath here (but recently got a woodfired outdoor hot tub! More on that later!), so I always make sure I take advantage of any opportunity where I can have a bath. My recent trip to Cable Bay was the perfect occasion to give these cute little Amethyst Bath Bombs a test.

Inside each pack is 4 x 35g bath bombs enriched with sweet almond oil. All you do is pop them in a bath of running water, and they quickly dissolve and leave the most beautiful scent. The sweet almond oil made the skin feel incredibly soft and smooth afterwards, and the scent lingered on the skin. Despite their size, these bath bombs are really nice. 

Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Amethyst Hand Cream* – RRP: $24.99 NZD

There’s something extra special about having a deliciously decadent hand cream. And the Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Amethyst Hand Cream doesn’t disappoint. A good hand cream in my eyes has to be intensely moisturising, but fast absorbing – and this one definitely ticks all those boxes.

It is formulated with vitamin E and shea butter for soft, healthy skin, and also contains sesame oil for the nails. As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy that same lovely scent that’s across the entire Crystal Crush Amethyst range. As well as the 100ml size above, it is also available in a handbag-friendly 25ml size.

Linden Leaves Crystal Crush Amethyst

Is it too early to say that these would be perfect Christmas presents? I don’t think so! There’s even a pack of 4 hand creams available (RRP: $29.99 NZD) and a Christmas Bon Bon (RRP: $19.99 NZD) which contains a 25ml of the hand cream, the Linden Leaves Lip Balm and a trial size of the Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil. 

Have you ever tried any Linden Leaves products??

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