Countdown To Christmas: Bourjois Rouge Laque and Volume Reveal Adjustable Mascara It’s so weird to think that we can actually buy Bourjois in New Zealand now. I remember years ago I had to hunt everything down online, but now it’s as easy as popping into Farmers. 

Bourjois have recently released 2 new products: The Bourjois Rouge Laque and the Bourjois Volume Reveal Adjustable Volume Mascara. We were lucky enough to sample a few of these to review. 

Bourjois Rouge Laque* – RRP: $23.00 NZD

Bourjois Rouge Laque

It seemed like every single person in the beauty community went nuts for the Rouge Velvets (with good reason, they’re amazing!) and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rouge Laque had the same effect. 

Bourjois Rouge Laque Swatches

These have a beautifully pigmented, shiny finish and because they seem to actually stain the lips, they are very long lasting. The applicator is perfect, and makes it super easy to apply and the formula itself is very comfortable on the lips. Despite being shiny, they don’t seem to feel sticky at all. 

Bourjois Rouge Laque - 01 Majes' Pink
Bourjois Rouge Laque – 01 Majes’ Pink

There are 8 shades in total, and the ones we have are: 01 Majes’ Pink, 02 Toute Nude and 03 Jolie Brune. They’re all classed as nude shades, so all my nude-fans out there – these are for you! There are also some brights and dark shades in the range. 

Bourjois Rouge Laque - 02 Toute Nude
Bourjois Rouge Laque – 02 Toute Nude

I think my favourite is 02 Toute Nude. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this. But in saying that, all the shades pictured are really nice. 

Bourjois Rouge Laque - 03 Jolie Brune
Bourjois Rouge Laque – 03 Jolie Brune

As you can see from all my swatches though, these are quite similar colours so I don’t think you necessarily need all 3. Unless you are a serious nude fan like myself.

Bourjois Volume Reveal Adjustable Volume Mascara* – RRP: $25.00 NZD

Bourjois Volume Reveal Adjustable Volume Mascara

I ask you, when is one coat of mascara ever enough?! I never stop there. With most mascaras, this means you have to work extra hard to avoid the clumpy look – but with the Bourjois Volume Reveal Adjustable Volume Mascara, that’s not a problem. 

Bourjois Volume Reveal Adjustable Volume Mascara

It’s creamy formula combined with soft neoprene bristles, is designed to stop clumping. This means you can actually reapply this as many times as you want. You can even go as far as reapplying it throughout the day – which is near unheard of. There’s even a handy little 3x magnifying mirror for you to touch up on the go. Genius!

I really did like this mascara, but I do think touch ups would be required in order for it to hold a curl throughout the day. That’s not really a problem given it’s clever design, but is something to note.

Have you picked up any goodies from Bourjois yet? 

Thanks for viewing!

*pr samples