Countdown To Christmas - 2 Books To Add To Your Christmas Wishlist Christmas is right around the corner, people! I have planned a stress free Christmas this year. After all the shopping is out of the way, all I have to worry about is the Christmas baking!

Here are two great novels to buy for your bookworm friends and family. Or, perhaps, add to your own Christmas wishlist!

The Good Daughter – Karin Slaughter (RRP:$35.00 NZD)

The Good Daughter - Karin Slaughter

Charlie and Sam Quinn. Two sisters who share a horrible story. Both were young women, when they witnessed their beautiful, smart mother, being murdered. Shot point blank in the face, right in their kitchen. The two intruders weren’t after their mother, no. They wanted to kill the sisters’ father. After all, he was a defence lawyer, and one of the intruders owed him money. 

Years pass and the sisters haven’t spoken. Charlie stayed with their father, and became a lawyer. Sam became a lawyer too, but left as soon as she could. What can bring these two sisters together again? What can save these two sisters’ lives?

One ran. One stayed. Which one is… The Good Daughter?

A River Rules My Life – Mona Anderson (RRP:$45.00 NZD)

A River Rules My Life - Mona Anderson

Mona Anderson just married her sweetheart, Ron. Together, they start their life on Ron’s station, Mount Algidus Station, in the South Island. Right in the shadows of the Southern Alps, blistery cold in the winter, sweltering hot in the summer. Their only entry into the station, ruled by a wild river. Sometimes calm and forgiving, other times rough and wild. 

I have loved reading through all of Mona’s stories. From wild, drunk, station cooks, to setting her wood fired oven on fire! I have laughed and I have shed a tear for lost pets and farm hands. Every page has been enthralling, every story wonderful.

A River Rules My Life is a new edition of the all-time kiwi classic. A must have, for any bookworm!

What books are on your Christmas Wishlist?

Camille xx

*Thanks to Harper Collins for these fantastic reads