Arrowood – Mick Finlay

Arrowood - Mick Finlay Move over Sherlock Holmes – Mr William Arrowood and his partner, Mr Norman Barnett are here to solve the crimes you can’t! Arrowood had me hooked from page one! So much happens in this fantastic novel by Mick Finlay. (more…)

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Vicious Circle – C. J. Box

Vicious Circle - C. J. Box
Vicious Circle is the 17th book in C. J. Box’s Joe Picket novels. Even though its part of a series, Vicious Circle is easily read as a stand alone book! 

Game Warden Joe Picket, just witnessed the murder of hunter, Dave Farkus. He can’t believe what he’s watching through an iPad screen. While flying in a plane at night, using heat seeking equipment, Joe watches a flurry of white flashes, all aimed at a human. Did Joe and the search team lead these killers right to Dave? Are they responsible for the killers finding their target? (more…)

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The Scent Of You – Maggie Alderson

The Scent Of You - Maggie Alderson With winter well on its way to us Kiwis, I find more excuses to curl up with a blanket and book. The Scent Of You is a great reason to grab that blanket, make that cuppa and snuggle in for a long and enjoyable read!

‘Hippolyta’ or Polly to most, is a yoga teacher and a perfume blogger who’s husband’s sudden absence from their home and marriage, has left her in a spin. With the only goodbye being an email stating ‘Don’t contact me at work. I’m going away for 6 months on a research trip. I have emailed the kids myself’, Polly doesn’t know where it all went wrong. She thought their marriage had been a happy one, with their children Clemmie and Lucas and their hell-hound dog named Digger. Everything seemed fine, until he left. (more…)

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The Little Breton Bistro – Nina George

The Little Breton Bistro - Nina George

Let me ask you, my lovely reader, one simple question. Do you know who you are? I thought I knew myself, until The Little Breton Bistro changed what I thought I knew. This isn’t the first time Nina George has done this to me. The Little Paris Book Shop also made me rethink everything I knew.

One painting on a tile. Thats all it took for Marianne to change her life. One simple painting of a small coastline in Kerdruc, France, was all it took to stop her suicidal thoughts. Death is final, living is scary and unknown, yet living was what she had to do, to save her life. Escaping Lothar and their loveless marriage, Marianne starts her solo adventure to Kerdruc. With almost no money to her name, and suicidal thoughts following her, she has to get to Kerdruc. It looks like a lovely place to end her life.  (more…)

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