Michael Hill Haul & Review

Michael Hill Haul and Review It feels like Michael Hill is a household name here in New Zealand, and is one of the first places you’d check out if you’re looking for a special gift. We were lucky enough to collaborate with them on this post, to share and review our jewellery haul. If you’re a fan of delicate jewellery, you’re going to love this. (more…)


Countdown To Christmas: JORD Watch

Countdown to Christmas: Jord Watch For a lot of people, jewellery and watches will be at the top of their Christmas wish-list this year (I know they’re always on mine!), so today I thought I’d tell you all about my newest addition – the JORD Ely Watch.

You may remember that Camille actually got her first JORD watch a while ago, and I’m serious when I say that she has actually worn it every single day since she got it. The fact that she loves it so much, is what made me originally want one for myself. They are beautifully constructed, wooden watches – and they have a huge range to choose from. (more…)

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Fit Friday: Lululemon

Fit Friday: Lululemon If you follow us on Twitter, then you’ll know that Camille and I have been raving about Lululemon for awhile now. Camille has been obsessed with their clothing for ages, and finally saved up and bought a pair of pants earlier this year. I remember thinking how crazy it was that she would spend so much money on fitness gear (as I wore my trusty Active leggings from The Warehouse). Then we went to the Lululemon Warehouse sale. (more…)