The Little Breton Bistro – Nina George

The Little Breton Bistro - Nina George

Let me ask you, my lovely reader, one simple question. Do you know who you are? I thought I knew myself, until The Little Breton Bistro changed what I thought I knew. This isn’t the first time Nina George has done this to me. The Little Paris Book Shop also made me rethink everything I knew.

One painting on a tile. Thats all it took for Marianne to change her life. One simple painting of a small coastline in Kerdruc, France, was all it took to stop her suicidal thoughts. Death is final, living is scary and unknown, yet living was what she had to do, to save her life. Escaping Lothar and their loveless marriage, Marianne starts her solo adventure to Kerdruc. With almost no money to her name, and suicidal thoughts following her, she has to get to Kerdruc. It looks like a lovely place to end her life.  (more…)

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Summer Reads: Right Behind You – Lisa Gardner

Right Behind You - Lisa Gardner Sometimes summer reading calls for a great crime thriller. Right Behind You ticks off every box on the list! 

Remember Mum. Sharlah Nash has a great home now. Her new foster parents are going through the process of adopting her, even bought her her own dog, an ex police dog named Luka. This is the first time 13 year old Sharlah has had any type of normal family. She tries not to think back to her real family. The mother and father her older brother killed to save them both. It’s been eight years since she last saw her brother, Telly, and every day, she blames herself for what happened. The same thought passing through her mind – Remember Mum. (more…)

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