Springtime Reading List

Springtime Reading List It’s springtime here in New Zealand, which means more daylight hours for reading IMO. Here are some great books that have made it onto my Springtime reading list. Although I think you should all check them out, no matter where you are on this planet. (more…)

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The Cows – Dawn O’Porter

The Cows - Dawn O'Porter I challenged myself this year to read anything and everything. You never know what you might like, right? Well, The Cows had me hooked from page one. I not only liked this book, I loved it.

Following the stories of three very different women, The Cows will take you on a journey you never thought possible. (more…)

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Eat Healthy On A Budget: The Vege Garden

Eat Healthy On A Budget: The Vege Garden Eating healthy is expensive. There’s no denying that. But how can we make it more affordable? Since I am on a weight loss journey myself, and prefer to have a healthy diet anyway I thought it’d be fun to document ways to eat healthy on a budget.

The first thing we wanted to try was a vege garden. Camille has had several vege gardens in the past, but this is the first time I’ve ever had one myself. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much it excites me! (more…)


3 Books you HAVE to read this Winter

3 Books you have to read this Winter Winter has always been my favourite time to read. Who doesn’t love those rainy, stormy days where you get all snug and read the day away, guilt free? I LOVE it.

After some book suggestions? Here are 3 books you have to read this Winter.

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